Rostam and the Dragon
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Rostam and the Dragon

Soroor Golrang
by soroorgolrang on 23 Apr 2019

To make this 3D model, I inspired by the Mesopotamian style to sculpt a scene of a Myth from an Iranian Book, Shahname. In this story, the hero passes seven challenges to help to release the king from White Giant prison.

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Update - 23 Apr 2019

In this model, I was inspired by the Mesopotamian sculpture style. The stylized approach to realism, use of decorative pattern, and simplicity of figures are some characteristics that make this ancient art unique. All models are based on my own concepts.

To apply a Mesopotamian style to a 3D sculpture, I chose one of the most significant Iranian myths, Rostam and the Seven Challenges. Rostam is a mythical character of Shahnameh, an important Iranian poetic book written by Ferdowsi. In this book, Rostam passes seven challenges to help to release the king from White Giant prison. This story takes place in a rain forest at the hillside of Damavand, a volcano whose summit is always covered by snow. Because it is always covered by snow an Iranian contemporary poet, Mohamad Taghi Bahar called it the White Giant. I used this metaphor to complete this composition. In this 3D sculpture, the environment tells the story. In the complete story, Rostam passes seven challenges and fights a dragon in one of them. To design the environment, I designed stones to look like a lion. The trees twist to form a wizard face, and the shape of the mountain recalls giants. The stone slopes are shaped like small giants and the summit is the face of the white giant. 

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