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Azula Realtime Project

Azula Realtime Project

Faz Khan
by Fazijinn on 6 Aug 2021

I finished the fire princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender. This is all a real-time game ready character that will soon be implemented into the Unreal engine. I learnt so much from this project I hope to even surpass this in the oncoming next year! Thank you for looking! -F

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This project was about creating one of my favourite characters Azula. Here I decided to create a real-time character.  In the future, I am planning on putting it into Unreal engine. For now, the character is complete and ready for all that.

So with Azula's design, I tried to bring in some inspiration from real-life armors. I based it upon Japanese samurai armour and saw what material they used for each piece. Then I combined it with Thai armour because you can tell in the original series it was inspired a lot by that. 

Below is the face and skin details I managed to create using Substance painter and Zbrush.

The most challenging thing about this piece was trying to get the details just right and still holding the essence of the character. 

Below I Show the detail on the foot armour and skirt. It's not just plain black leather, there's embroidery in it. I made her armour very over the top with these designs because she is of royalty and her armour would stand out more than the normal foot soldiers of the fire nation.

Looking back at it, it does seem pretty clean. I will be making some more adjustments once I decide to import this into the unreal engine. Especially with her gauntlets, I will do some tiny touch-ups for example adding some ash on her gauntlet because of all the fire bending she does. 

I also did some Blendshapes for her face as I really like doing this kind of thing. The way I tackled this was I remembered the most iconic faces she makes and replicated them into 3D. Hope you Avatar Last Airbender fans can tell which faces I did! 

They were all rendered in Zbrush using BPR. 

Thank you for viewing! I learnt so much in this project, I'm going to apply it in my future artwork. I know one thing I need to focus on which is cloth sculpting. I'll have to do a piece that focuses more on clothes. 


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