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Wet Olive Saloon

Wet Olive Saloon

Ana Barrós Calvete
by Annana on 5 Aug 2021

I started this project 3 years ago, at the time of the Wild West Challenge in Artstation. I tried to participate in the Game Environment / Level Art category, but due to lack of time, I had to quit. I have finally finished it now.

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This project has meant a lot to me. The first reason is because, in order to do it, I set out to design from scratch every single element in the scene. My goal was not to use any library assets. The second reason is because, although I had practically everything defined at the beginning of the initial design in summer 2018, due to several setbacks its development took longer than I would have liked. The participation in The Rookies contest has encouraged me to finally start to finish it.

My first idea was to create a Wild West environment. For this, I decided to mix it with Steampunk and Victorian times, as chronologically they go hand in hand. For me, the most representative of the Wild West are the saloons and the inns.

I started with the Saloon. A space characterised by the use of furniture with gears and pipes. I decided to associate it with the colour red, because for me this colour represents violence, hatred, aggressiveness, danger, but also with power, prosperity, vitality and dynamism. Therefore, a colour with a lot of bipolarity, just like what we can expect from a Wild West Saloon.


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