Guardian of Overcoming | 3D Game Character

Guardian of Overcoming | 3D Game Character

Tristan McGuire
by tristanmcguire on 1 Aug 2021

Realtime game character made as a personal project.

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The concept artist for this piece, Requinoesis, wrote this beautiful backstory for this character:

"A cat who after a wave of disappointment took away her 9th life, discovered that she possessed the gift of the 10th life and became the manifestation of overcoming!"

I thought the concept art and story were so inspiring, so with the concept artist's permission I made the character into a realtime game model. This was mainly poly modelled in Maya, with just a bit of sculpting for the head. Textured in Substance Painter. Rigged and animated in Maya. Rendered in Unreal.

This one is animated so make sure to watch the video or explore the Sketchfab viewer! :)

Concept art by Requinoesis.

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