The Station - Wild West

The Station - Wild West

Jaikumar Gurubaran
by jaikumar on 28 Jul 2021

Real-time 3D Game environment created during my CGMA class mentored by Peyton Varney.

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The Station - Wild West

It's been a long time since I posted something on my Artstation, but here is my new piece of the environment that I did during my 10 Week CGMA class mentored by Peyton Varney (Naughty Dog)

For this class, I selected the concept by"Joker Chen, because I wanted to work on both Architecture as well as Props & Foliage. It was really great experience working with Peyton who helped throughout the class with any improvements needed. Since 10 weeks wasn't enough to add sufficient details to the scene, So I played a bit after the class to add a few more assets and changes required.

It's time to call this piece completed, so here it is for you! Hope you like it!

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