Remake Blue's lightsaber

Remake Blue's lightsaber

Jesus Porcel Rubio
by Jesus538 on 27 Jul 2021

Hi everyone! Here's a remake I made to test my new skills animating as Animum's student. I also polished the aesthetics, sounds to make the sequence so much better. Check the simple but huge evolution. Enjoy!

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This video was made before starting my studies at Animum School. I animated Blue without a correct workflow. My skills were extremely basics. 

At the moment, I finished the module 3 at Animum school, I have learned about workflow (blocking, blocking plus, refine and polish) body mechanics, timing, spacing. I polished all the 12 animation principles, including postproduction. 
So I decided to test the new skills making a remake of the previous video. I took references, I made a study of every action. And here's the results, enjoy!

Of course I'm still preparing myself to be a better animator. Every feedback would be appreciated. 

Thanks you so much for watching! See you soon!

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