Lucas & Pebble | Concept Art

Lucas & Pebble | Concept Art

Marketa Kindlova
by marketakindlova on 24 Jul 2021

Here is a project about Lucas & Pebble which tells a story about one unexpected friendship...

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Lucas & Pebble

When Lucas finds a message in the bottle with a mysterious map, everything goes aside. The map takes him to a magical cave. Without any second thoughts, he goes into the cave and there, he finds a stone creature named Pebble. The problem occurs immediately after Lucas enters the cave. The entrance is blocked by rocks, so they have to find a different way out, which can be quite challenging.

Let me lead the way...

This illustration captures Lucas and Pebble exploring the cave together as they don't have another choice. Lucas is letting Pebble lead as he knows the cave better.

By the fire

In this illustration, I portrayed Lucas and Pebble and a sweet bonding moment by the fire between them in the cave as they slowly become friends.

Outside of the cave

Moment of happiness as they finally got out of the magical cave.

The Magical Cave

A normal looking cave which has a big secret - a magical creature is living in it!

Pebble lives in the cave his whole life, he's too scared to go outside as he doesn't know what the outside world is like. He has a small own place there with a lot of random stuff that he collected over the years.

Pebble's home

A small place deep in the magical cave. Even though he's a rock creature living in the cave, his place is cosy, nice and full of joy.


A young curious boy who loves adventures. He is a kind, friendly, brave, curious and very energetic person. He likes challenges that allow him to sometimes experience unusual and also amazing things. His life is full of joy, unexpected events, and interesting opportunities.

Initial Sketches

These initial sketches allowed me to experiment with his design.


An old rock creature who lives in the magical cave. He has never been outside because he is scared to leave his home. He is friendly, wise, curious, sometimes a bit odd. He also feels a little bit lonely because he is the last of his kind.

Initial Sketches

I tried to experiment with different body shapes, structures and materials. I was inspired by different kinds of rocks and hard materials. I tried to come up with as many designs as possible as wanted to see which design portrays his personality the best.

Zbrush Sculpts

A 3D visualisation of both characters

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