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Horror Kitchen

Horror Kitchen

Margot BRUN
by MargotBrun on 16 Jul 2021

Hi, it's a full project process about school project at ESMA ! IFA project

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Hi everybody!

I will show you my entire creative process during this project. This is a project realized during my first year studies at Esma. We had to realize in 3 weeks two images on the theme of the kitchen.

I chose to take a very well-known theme: the roundup and make two images that would bring emotion and reflection on crimes against humanity!

Tribute to all the victims.

To start, I made a moodboard to get me in the mood and have several references. In particular Parasite (2019) by Bong Joon-Ho and It (2017) by Andy Muschietti which really interested me from a colorimetric point of view.

I would like to show you some pages of my pre-production file which allowed me to think about the objects and their placement.

These two images really have a strong narrative. As a director I must pass a duty to remember to the spectators by the emotion that will feel and the reflection that will follow. We will follow the Cohen family who fled Nazi Germany in 1940. They will find refuge in French people who will denounce them during a visit of Hitler’s SS. The main character is Joachim Cohen ( 7 ) passionate about small wooden train. An object that will take a double direction in the images: deportation train/ train for children, toy. These two images use the visual oxymoron.

I found it interesting to confront childhood and extreme violence

Then here are the vizualise modeling.

I created a fog with a PxrVolume for the atmosphere.

Finally, I went through the texturing and compositing to accentuate the luminous atmosphere !

I also came to add a little smoke to the candles to give movement.

Here are my two final images !

Hope you enjoy my project !

Follow me on Artstation and Instagram for more project soon ;)

Bye bye !!

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