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The Fangs of Varelon by Talia Reyes

The Fangs of Varelon by Talia Reyes

Talia Serendipity Reyes
by Serendipity246 on 10 Aug 2021

Concepts of a character line-up, with all characters included. All characters are inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

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Character designing for my college project. I'm doing a character line-up, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. 
The style is stylised cartoon, done on Procreate. These are all the rough sketches and the finalised paintings I have for my characters. 

This character is named Kihrann Modrakian, a Dragonborn/Tiefling Fighter. Young, charming and athletic. 

This is Crothe Modrakian, Kihrann's adopted son. 
He is a Halfling Druid. Shy, but loyal and very skilled with his archery. 

This is Musgrav, a Minotaur Paladin. 

A bit dense at times, but very kind and protective. 

Character line-up of all three characters

Final Concept Comic Cover
All characters feature on the comic cover

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