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Vehicle & Props Design

Vehicle & Props Design

by ParkHY0325165 on 12 Jul 2021

Vehicle & Props Design in ancient Greece themed Fantasy. Designed by Park hyoung Yoon 0325165

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Vehicle Design

This project shared the same concept of the Character Design Project. Tethys, titan Goddess of primal font of water in Greek methodology were chosen as character design and the timeline is ancient Greece. Vehicles designed were to be used in transport, fishing and farming in a utopia, where there are no vehicles designed for war.

Key words for the Vehicle concept were

- Ancient Greek theme

- Marine life design concept

- Powered by water enchanted by Tethys (Magic)

- Vehicles in utopia (no weaponized vehicles)

Documented progress of the Vehicle & Props Module -

Developing concepts of three types of Vehicles (Air, Land and Water)

Concepts set for Air, Land and Water Vehicles

Color, Texture Study

After the concepts were set, color and texture studies were carried out. The initial color studies did not fit well with the concept setting as it looked too futuristic and clean. To enhance the Ancient Greece atmosphere, stone texture were used along with moss to express nature friendly and peacefulness. Illustrations from Runeterra were used as reference for color and texture.

Final Outcome

After the color and texture were set. Key art of each of the vehicles had to be done. Backgrounds of the vehicles were painted and adjusted lighting on vehicles. Each vehicle were given names in Greek to add personality. Line sketch of different side of views were drawn to clearly show how the vehicles were designed.

Aerastakos - Air Vehicle

Aeraspsari name derived from Greek word wind(aéras) and lobster (astakós) meaning that the lobster flying in the wind.

Gisupioa - Land Vehicle

Gisupia name derived from Greek word Earth (Gi) and cuttlefish (soupiá), meaning cuttlefish on land.The base design of the vehicle design is referenced from the squid.

Anaskatose - Water Vehicle

Anaskatose name derived from Greek word swim (skátose) and breath (anása) meaning that the vehicle allows driver to breath while swimming under water.

Vehicle Background

Vehicle Design Poster

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