Digital Matte Painting, Project 2

Digital Matte Painting, Project 2

Joe Lanvin
by AverageJoe on 11 Jul 2021

2nd project for the module Digital Matte Painting.

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DMP : Project 2

In this project, we were told to create 3 locations. Our lecturer told us to just use the ideas from our other module, Game Art. In Game Art we were tasked to recreate an existing video game in a different art direction. I picked to recreate Nier Automata in Persona Q style. As such, I the story for my location takes inspiration from the Persona series.

In Persona 4, the player is taken to a different world or dimension that's just like his own, but is twisted. In that world, monsters called "shadows" roam around and thick fog surrounds the place. Taking inspiration from this I created my own Story that goes like this.

Story :

This is the story of our MC, who fell asleep during class. He wakes up soon after in his classroom.... only to be greeted by a giant eye staring back at him. He was really shocked, but after calming down he took a look around, and a lot of things just doesn't seem right. The sky is dyed blood red, there is a gigantic horned skull floating in the sky. Worse, the MC noticed that the school is very quiet, too quiet. He looked at the clock, it says 9AM, but there is absolutely no one in the school. Thinking that just sitting around wouldn't solve anything, the MC decided to go to a city in Tokyo. Surely he would meet someone there, right? So he went to the subway. He was surprised to see that the subway is now covered in flesh. But he was relived to see that the trains are still working. So he got into the train, and when he arrived to the city he was shocked. He sees no one at all in the city, but he saw something else. He saw a very big tower, a gnarly looking tower that should've not been there.

Moral of the story: Don't sleep in class.

As such I make simple sketched of these 3 locations, and started working on the things. I started working on the city, as I have a much clearer idea of how I want the location to be. After I was finished with the City, I wanted to start working on the Subway. I got a little bit of work done, unfortunately I fell sick and when I showed my work, a lot of things were not done yet. Unfortunately, we don't have much time left, because most of the time were taken to do our 1st project. So, after looking at me and my friend's progress, we were told to just focus on 1 Location only. I decided to keep doing my "city" as it is the most work I have put into.

for the city, I decided to pick and image of Tokyo city from google and started off by removing the blue sky with a red one. And then I put an image of the skull in the sky, mask a little part of the skull so it looks far in the sky. After that I added crosses and the guy, add shadows under them. I also put the gnarly looking tower in the middle. Because the city doesn't match the red ambience the sky gave, I painted over the city and give it a more reddish color to it. Unfortunately, I was too absorbed in the work that I forgot to document it.

Now that this is finished, I was told to move on to animating my Painting.

Final Project :

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