Fighters on Nobody's Land

Fighters on Nobody's Land

Rocío Pena Romero
by rohdraws on 9 Jul 2021

Stylized character and prop design with sci-fi/post-apocalyptic theme and dieselpunk aesthetic as main focuses. This is one of the most complete design projects I have worked on during my first 6 months studying Concept Art on Lightbox Academy.

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In a society that is plagued by climate change and a brain rotting virus, Kray is a soldier that leaves the security of his city to look for his family after his father is kicked out of the safe zone due to a corruption scandal. He's a survivor that must face the dangers on nobody's land to find his loved ones.

Design process for Kray's character.

Full character sheet for my dystopian/dieselpunk soldier Kray, and the main antagonist on his journey to find his family outside the safety of the city.

Kray's plasma bullet cannon is a long-range weapon he got before deserting the security force. It needs constant refrigeration to make sure the high energy matter inside the shells stays stable. This is achieved through the refrigeration system on the shoulder pad and monitored thanks to his gauntlet.

Mahla is a tough cookie that only has her community's survival in mind. Hers are the modified survival knives she uses as close-range weapons on short patrols.

Survival car design. I had adaptability and protection in mind as my priorities when I brought the vehicle to life.

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