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Weekly Drills 061 - LEGO

Weekly Drills 061 - LEGO

by YogendraAgarwal on 7 Jul 2021

"Lovely day for the work" Love creating a character in my own finally and plus enjoyed it.

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Few days late for this drill. I started Zbrush last week, was busy playing with UI and brushes.

This was fun. finally creating a character. I never used lego, but have watched the movies in fact I learned about legos from the movies, so finding out how parts look and joints connect was fun. I had a lego figure in mind, Like a guy waving to his crew on the way to his office. I wanted to create something simple. Mainly because I cant draw so I have to make use of the limited PNGs from the internet for the emotions and clothes. Although I was able to use the alphas too for extra details.  Arranged my references for finding the certain reference fast.

Then after finishing the Model in Maya, Created a clone and then pose it for getting general Idea. Also did the final UVs. For lack of arm reference, I mainly struggled with this part.

Then comes texturing. I didnt do much, added a lit bit roughness and followed the references for glossiness. Main part was the clothes and face, which I was saved by PNGs. This took me a while plus I used few alphas and gradient filter to change the color. Used GIMP to adjust the PNGs.

Huge thanks to this Was able to work smoothly.

Then finally to Maya for arnold render.

At the end this was fun and Everything was awesome.
Thanks and hoping I could be in the feedback video as I was few days late. Thanks

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