16th Century Building Destruction
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16th Century Building Destruction

Brian Israel Paucar Regalado
by israpaucar on 6 Jul 2021

The colonial buildings of my city are amazing and i've always been impressed their architecture. So i decided to destroy one of most iconic buildings in my city Not in the real way obviously.

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Update - 10 Jul 2021

San Francisco de Quito Church was built around the years 1535 - 1705 and is the oldest building in Latin America. The idea was, found information about her internal construction, some kind of architectural planes, or draws, so, I went to the museum but was not enough, I can't found any valuable information. So I decided to go in the way of photogrammetry.

I needed only to take some photos from various sides or views with a drone and create the projection in any photogrammetry software.

The result was an amazing, detailed, and beautiful 3D model that allows  recognizing all the small details. perfect for the next step.

I want to say thanks to my friend Pablo for being the best drone pilot that I know.

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Update - 6 Jul 2021

I love the beautiful old buildings of my childhood city, so I had the idea to recreate the most iconic church in Quito, Ecuador: his name is SAN FRANCISCO CHURCH, but not only that, i want to see blow up all the building. Not in the real way, is obviously that i can't destroy a humanity patrimony 16th century building, but i think i can do it in 3D. 

So lets do it!.