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The Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon

Tiffany Tsang
by tiffanytsangart on 5 Jul 2021

I designed an underwater sea creature, one that you might see images about or hear about in myth and legends. It was fun exploring the nuances of colour, light, and shadow, and applying it to the many textures that make up the sea dragon.

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"You may have heard from myth and legend of a great sea dragon that lords over every living thing in the water. Though few who walk the earth remember it, those who tell its tale recall the tentacles winding and twisting from its mouth, a spiked mane protruding from its cold, scale protected skull, and outspread fins that glint in the moonlight. The colour and texture in its skin swirl and cascade in the light, as if to embody the twilight sea itself. This waterborne creature of the depths can only be described as a terrifying beauty."

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