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Medieval Keyframe / Establishing Shot

Medieval Keyframe / Establishing Shot

Fatih Erdogan
by KiteO on 4 Jul 2021

2 Concepts I've done during my second general year in New3dge for my courses ! I've only used Photoshop

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A work done in Avril 2021 during a course in Keyframe and Establishing shot in New3dge.

I've only used Photoshop during this project and was forbidden from any 3D softwares.

I had as goal to do an establishing shot and a keyframe 

The two concepts are a duo story-telling concept revolving around the terms of hope and despair.

During the establishing shot, my goal was to make the viewer small but not pressure him. The keyframe was more complexe needing a logic behind every movements in order to not lose the dynamic of the scene.

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