Messy Robbery

Messy Robbery

Tiphanie Timorès
by Tiph on 29 Jun 2021

Enter a human curiosity shop with your partner to steal as many unusual treasures as you can and bring them back to your camp. But beware, the guard protecting the shop and the opposing team will try to stop you! Run, dash, grab and throw objects in every direction to achieve your goal.

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Graduation Video Game

School: ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School


On another planet, two teams of aliens compete in a shop of human curiosities to steal as many treasures as they can. Make a mess, stun your opponents, steal their treasures, and add them to your hoard to score points!

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Number of players: 4

Genre: Couch Game / Party Game

Install instructions

1. Download the game in compressed .zip format (name starting with Build_MESSY_ROBBERY)

2. Unzip the downloaded .zip file

3. Open the unzipped folder

4. Launch the executable file MessyRobbery.exe.

Download the game on


Game Art: Goldie BISEGNA, Calvin DONG & Constance TRAN

Game Design: Pauline DELCROIX, Tiphanie TIMORES & Arthur TORDJEMAN

Game Design & Programming: Maxime BIENBEAU & Grégory RUMEBE

Game Programming: Pierre AUMONT, José manuel CHAO CATALÁ & Gregoire PENON

Music & Sound Design: Adam GONCALVES

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