Weekly Drills 060 -  Magic Potion

Weekly Drills 060 - Magic Potion

by YogendraAgarwal on 28 Jun 2021

"Drink or throw and you shall see the light in the darkness" It was fun making something related with magic.

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So magic, my fav genre in anime plus I love watching anything related with magic. I wasnt planning to do this time weekly drill as I was busy but magic motivated me plus it was something new for me.

This was challenging for me. I have used glass preset before but never used it with substance painter. Good thing I was able to find great Substance painter documents and Arnold documents to help with. I'll share them just in case.



Magic, theres so many way to create a story behind magic, Its up to our imagination so thats why I decided to created a unique type portion. I wanted a summoning type portion which can player either drink it for good night vision boost or just throw in the ground to summon a creature. I collected references and  I was able to find something that clicked with me.

I used the concept art form here https://katelynangers.design/magic-potions-concept-art. So many great concepts here.

Modeling the swirl of the bottle was challenging for me. I wasn't able to find a good way to connect it properly. After spending an hour or two, I was finally successful. Best feeling. Then Created the rest of the parts. I used the scale of Mason Jar.

Then took it to Substance Painter for adding the roughness in the glass and add emissive in the Wisp. I didnt really followed the concept for the wisp here. I had already had something different in my mind.

For the Cork, I used pre existing smart Material "Wood Ship hull Old". It was working perfectly after making few changes.

Heres the UV and Wireframe render. Currently, I am using Substance painter  for wireframe render, thats the only way I know.

Then for the final render, took it to Maya for Arnold Render. Mainly at the end it turns out a big experiment for me to give out various effects using the aistandard surface. I may have been gone too crazy. I simply used skydome with an HDRI map for lightning.  I used an HDRI for night scene as the potion is mainly for night time uses.

Well, it was fun. I was busy this week and at the end was only able to manage a day for this time weekly drill. I wanted to spend more time on this and do more research for glass and liquid. I wanted to create making portion type scene, inspired from the recent anime, The Saint's magic power in Omnipotent.


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