Final Project ART 218 - Inbetween

Final Project ART 218 - Inbetween

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 27 Jun 2021

My final project that I completed for IMS 445 before I graduated from Miami University. It's a 3D game level that I decided to make, that has a mysterious air, while also connecting to my ART 218 final project level.

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This was my final project for my IMS 445 class at Miami University. When making this level, I decided to loosely connect it with my level from my other class (ART 218), which I was taking at the same time. These connections are seen in a couple of rooms, where I reuse certain assets as if they're on display. There's even a room that displays a miniature version of the base map that was used for my ART 218 level. Because of this connection and other elements, I created a level with an air of mystery to it. Most everything is smooth, clean, and symmetrical... Almost perfect. Except for the strange objects that don't seem to belong, and the strange gunk substance that seems to have caused problems. What exactly happened here? What is this place? The player is free to infer what they think as they look at everything.

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