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Radio Host Design

Radio Host Design

by Arty on 17 Jun 2021

Character design for the animation project. Bearded radio host. Fun and boring project at the same time. Where I did around 100 poses, gestures and sound shapes. I can put a few works from this project. Would like to hear your opinion ,)

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Radio Host Design for the Animation Project

First sketches, audition of the characters .D

Emotions. I feel like I did thousands of them. Here are some examples, just for feel of it.

Sounds I also had to do almost any of them from a different view of the head. Here are the few.

Standing poses without any accessories. Body feel and composition, for further animation.

I did different sitting and standing poses from 6-8 views. Here are a few examples.

This is one of the first full character design I did for the animation. Pretty happy with the result 👍

Some things will definitely do differently next time. And easier with this experience. ,)

Would be great to hear any comments or critics .D

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