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Concept Art // Character Design

Concept Art // Character Design

Lim Li Ann
by annella on 5 Jun 2021

Character designs I did for Concept Art Development class.

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Meet Amber Miles aka The Sparkwheeler! She is my first character design for my individual assignment. Her concept is a combination of two themes, which are Sci-Fi and Racer. I was inspired to create a female cyborg rollerblader based on the movie Alita : Battle Angel (2019) and Ghost Rider (2007).

During the early stage, I searched for cyberpunk themed references since it is a subgenre of sci-fi and a hot topic. And so, I gave her a light urban outfit with vibrant neon colors to make her look bold and modern.

My favorite part of designing her is the color swatches. The different flames on a Bunsen burner intrigued me a lot and the colors were just what I needed to experiment on the character's color. (You could say she is a living Bunsen burner who races.)

This is Nona! She is a Native American teenager and a tribal warrior who lives in a steampunk era in the 1870s. This is my second character design for my group project, which is entitled 'Wild West'

Credits to @mhanamerex for designing the Lawman. Do check out his works too!

For this assignment, I challenged myself to go for something mysterious yet friendly. Therefore, I decided to give her a bird mask with a warm and cool colored tribal outfit. Her wardrobe designs are based on real life Native American culture and were inspired by the action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn (2017).

The most notable part of this design is her weapon. It is a polearm combined with a staff that conducts electricity generated by the gloves. With the mask and weapon, she earns the title 'Thunderbird Warrior'.

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