Bongo Drums
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Bongo Drums

Nicholas Centofanti
by nicholas23 on 5 Jun 2021

A new project to build my look-development skills by texturing bongo drums in substance painter.

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Update - 5 Jun 2021

A few days ago I began a look development project in Substance Painter, rendering in Arnold.  Look development is an area I'm interested in and wanted to continue building my skills.  For this project, I decided to texture Bongo Drums.

Asset from Rising Sun Pictures Education (where I studied last year)

I wanted to create a well-used look for the drums.  As if the musician had been playing them for years, picking up dents, scratches, chips and wear showing its age.   

The Bong drums also feature a custom logo created in Adobe Illustrator.

Base Geometry | Diffuse | Metalness | Specular Roughness | Final Details (e.g. dents)

Reference Images


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