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The dragon
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The dragon

Michka Mouret
by michka on 4 Jun 2021

Here is the project I did for the contest "The Rookie Awards 2021"

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Update - 4 Jun 2021

Here is a dragon!
I did a dragon some years ago in a CGMA Course with Gael Kerchenbaum. I decided to do a new one based on the old concept, starting with the anatomy of a lion I made this 6 legged creature. I learned a lot with this project! Using Mari to project scans from TexturingXYZ and a lot of sculpt for the displacement. Sculpt done in Zbrush, topology and Uvs done in Maya. The dragon is composed of 34 UDIMS with 8K maps. I did the texture in Zbrush with Polypaint. The renders are done in Maya using Arnold.

The version of the dragon with a pose and some other images will come next week \o/

Here you can look at the Beauty Render/albedo/Specular/Wireframe

Here are the 34 UDIMS 

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