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"Pirate Lesson" Lighting Breakdown

"Pirate Lesson" Lighting Breakdown

Lighting breakdown for a moment of our introduction shot in our 2D/3D hybrid film "Pirate Lesson"

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"Pirate Lesson" (2021): Lighting Breakdown

This is my breakdown of one of the moments in the introduction sequence to our collaborative film "Pirate Lesson", which I was the lead lighting artist on. As it is a relatively long shot, there are many elements I had to take into consideration while lighting this shot. I wanted it to be impressionable and colorful while drawing attention to all the necessary objects to bring the characters to life as they are introduced for the first time in the film. I believe this section best illustrates the process and approach I took while lighting. As the film is very unique in its stylization and colors, I wanted to emphasize them further through my lights.

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