Overwatch: Genji Blackwatch

Overwatch: Genji Blackwatch

Keith Lim
by Keeferino on 31 May 2021

My very first character ever! went through so much trouble to get this final product. time spent was around 3-4months. Very happy i pulled it off. I will admit there are TONS of things i could've improved on, but i only realised after completion.

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I'm sure everyone who plays video games recognizes this character! (Genji from Overwatch) Since this was the first every 3D character i've ever done, i think it turned out better than i would ever imagine. i went through a ton of trouble and hurdles in the process of bringing this character to life. The character was rigged with Adobe Mixamo. I was also able to squeeze in a quickly done diorama for the character to stand in and some compositions edited in photoshop! It was so satisfying to finally complete and submit it. The topology is not perfect but i am for once proud of myself for what i've done. I hope whoever sees this appreciates it!

Polycount: 20,029

Texture Resolution: 4096x4096

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