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by nandikagupta on 30 May 2021

A mindfulness app that provides a safe space through journaling and recommends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

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Memories we associate with negative emotions limit our perspective and influence our future life experiences by reinforcing negative thought patterns which shape our daily lifestyle. “brighter” is a mindfulness app that provides a safe space for people to express their thoughts through journaling and recommends CBT-based exercises, guided by an emotional voice assistant, to help them transform their negative experiences and emotions into positive ones. The app provides a metaphorical safe space in the form of a home which is a representation of you. Decorate & customize your safe space based on your app activity. Our emotional assistant, El, guides you through CBT exercises to help restructure negative thoughts towards a positive perspective. The exercises are based off user journal entries. Express your thoughts, feelings, or reflections by either typing or speaking out loud. View journal entry breakdowns to see your progress. View your mood trends and emotional triggers to gain a better understanding of yourself based on journal entries. Trends and insights are presented in the form of data visualizations.

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