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by celinenauleau on 29 May 2021

Graduation project made for the Concept Art specialised cursus at New3dge School

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Other projects done during my years in New3dge

I had the chance to work for '' Ties " a short film made by Jean Avisse , Fadia Hamam , Jade Hiot , Guillaume Devilers and Damien Giry for their graduation project. 

My part was to design the Lukharnn's family Manor and the scenes taking place in it. 

It was a real pleasure to be part of this ambitious adventure. 

Here is my contribution to the game "Nahual" made by my friends Thomas le Gall, Nicolas Dussaume, Juliette Battier , Quentin Hofmann, Adrian Erramoun, Clément Néca , Victor Rouxel and Maxime Marshall. 

I had to design for the last part of their game : from the tunnel leading to the creature to deliver to the scene of the poarcher ready to execute it.

I'm really proud to have participate to their project and seeing what a long way they have gone with it.

Images from the interior design class given by Danar Worya, i had a blast on this one !

Guardians made for the class of Jens Claessens.

Other personal artworks

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