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Ba sing se - Upper ring

Ba sing se - Upper ring

Inge De Leeuw
by ingedeleeuw on 26 May 2021

Hey guys! I always loved the series of Avatar The Last Airbender, and wanted to make something of this series myself. So I decided to make Ba sing se, a part of the Upper ring. I had so much fun making it. To see a part of your childhood series come alive, is really fun. Hope you enjoy it!

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I was playing with the light, and couldn't actually decide which looked better. I find the light effect interesting on both side, that I wanted to post them both!

I had found this beautiful artwork on Reddit , and decided that I wanted the same elements in my scene. I started with the train as main focus. But this changed throughout the process. Here is the link to the fan art 

But I wasn't satisfied with only the train, I wanted to do more. So I looked to my references and modeled the bridge and the wall. But still, that wasn't enough for me. So as a final touch, I modeled a little house that looks like the tea house of Iroh and Zuko.

After the modeling and texturing in Maya and Substance painter, I decided to change the mood of the environment. So I played with the light and shadows until I had two moods that I liked.

Finally I changed the water with a BOSS simulation in Maya and added some Quixel Megascans plants. After I rendered everything, I replaced the sky with another sky background for the night scene.

For the day scene, I took a shot on the other side of the bridge to kind of match the lighting direction.

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