Unity Programming Projects 2019

Unity Programming Projects 2019

Vicente Moscardó Ribes
by vicentemoscardo on 25 May 2021

Short compilation of my programming works in Unity last year.

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Unity dynamic 3D character controller (Code used in daemon game project. -> https://florida-replay.itch.io/daemon)

PROYECT EDØN: Full dynamic 3D character with PS4 controller, 3 Jumps, mobile platforms, Attacks and enemy interaction. Particles and effects by Sarah Saleh and Desirée Navarrete. Environment and lighting by Juan Antonio Muñoz, Juan Carlos Carrasco, Set Dressing by Miguel A. Bueno.

Unity Character Controller with ramp detector, full animator , 2 dash attacks, 1 combo ability (Double Jump + Attack,Fall), Plataform Fall, Coins pickup. ​ Also a Navmeshagent AI enemies, health and regeneration system, full enemy animator.

Automatic camera movement system by Zone (OnTriggerEnter area with tag) totally funcional:

This Code & animator was used in DameonGame Project:


DAEMON GAME (PS4): 3D Game for PS4 realized in 3 months. Carried out with Sarah Saleh, Miguel A. Bueno, Desirée Navarrete, Juan Antonio Muñoz and Juan Carlos Carrasco (GoldenDragons Team).

VICTORIAN LEGACY: Is a steampunk survival/horde mode with shooter and enemy spawn mechanics in orthographic view (using unity navmesh)

Other Unity projects:

SPACE VERSUS: Project carried out with Héctor Ávila, Samuel Andreu and Samuel Torres.

SpaceshipsAndroid Mobile gameof 2 simultaneous players 1 vs 1, with tactile touch controls of movement.

MECHA PUNK: ​ Project carried out with Héctor Ávila, Samuel Andreu, Samuel Torres, Rafael Reig Medina and Lydia Marin Picazo.

CyberPunk / Mecha survival/horde mode with laser shooter and enemy spawn mechanics with Virtual Reality technology

​ ROYAL GAME OF UR PROJECT: Inerative board game for 2 players on the same screen.

Project carried out with Noé Rodriguez Garcia, Carlos Pérez Real, Izan Smolk Puig, Vicente Rivas Monferrer and Marc Serarols. ​ ​ ​ 

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