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Programming Projects 2019

Programming Projects 2019

Vicente Moscardó Ribes
by vicentemoscardo on 25 May 2021

Short compilation of my programming works last year.

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VICTORIAN LEGACY: Is a steampunk survival/horde mode with shooter and enemy spawn mechanics in orthographic view (using unity navmesh)

SPACE VERSUS: Project carried out with Héctor Ávila, Samuel Andreu and Samuel Torres.

SpaceshipsAndroid Mobile gameof 2 simultaneous players 1 vs 1, with tactile touch controls of movement.

MECHA PUNK: ​ Project carried out with Héctor Ávila, Samuel Andreu, Samuel Torres, Rafael Reig Medina and Lydia Marin Picazo.

CyberPunk / Mecha survival/horde mode with laser shooter and enemy spawn mechanics with Virtual Reality technology

2D Pixelart side scrolling game (Student programming Project), Art form the Asset Store (by Asimuz)

Project carried with Alexandru Ionel. It is a demo of a 2D Scroll lateral Game emphasizing the boss scenes.

​ ROYAL GAME OF UR PROJECT: Inerative board game for 2 players on the same screen.

Project carried out with Noé Rodriguez Garcia, Carlos Pérez Real, Izan Smolk Puig, Vicente Rivas Monferrer and Marc Serarols. ​ ​ ​ 

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