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Alejandra Haro Rio
by DianaCN and alehr97 on 24 May 2021

Beastiary is a mini game where the objective is to find each creature within its own scenario, the levels are unlocked by achieving the previous one, each one has time to find it and the difficulty increases.

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Game menu

Based on an old book, each level of the game has two pages containing the information of the creatures and clues to find it.


Each creature is based on different mythologies around the world.


This signs appear as pop ups in different occasions; when you finish de level, if you loose the level and at the end of the game.


Starting at the inictial room, done as an old studio with de menu placed in de center of the room. Every level is a diferrent enviroment according to the creature and it increases the difficulty in each one.

My Work

I created de game menu, the creatures and the studio stage, the code was done with my teammates as the rest of the stages

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