Mandalorian  Fan-Art

Mandalorian Fan-Art

Rémi Bard
by Remibard on 24 May 2021

Personnal project from Hicham Habchi's original concept that is did to practice my skills in character art.

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For this personal project, I wanted to improve my skills in character modeling and especially hard surface modeling. As a big fan of the Mandalorian show, I think this was the way.

This character is based on a concept made by Hicham Habchi, I also took real references from the tv show to get better information about every angle. I wanted to keep it very simple to stay around the original concept. This project was just a modeling/texture project, I allowed myself to push the push the tri count to 45k tri.

As a 3D real-time artist I also wanted to improve my rendering skills with Arnold.

Modeling: Zbrush, Maya
Retopology/UV: Maya
Texturing : Substance Painter
Rendering: Marmoset Toolbag/Arnold

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