Project: Mutant Creature

Project: Mutant Creature

by ZAMUEH on 23 May 2021

This project was an assignment from one of my classes at Florida Universitaria. The objective was to create our own character following specific steps using Adobe Photoshop.

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To star this project, we had to think and imagine our own "Mutant Creature", I did not have a specific theme, so I made a MindMap. I decided to create a Robot Cowboy inspired in a Lamp.


The first step was to get inspiration from real-life objects. This way we get familiarized to the world and the character we are going to draw.

Since my character is from the "Wild West", I used objects like: cowboy hats, revolvers and boots. But I also looked for different types of lamps.

Shape Study

Now that we have our objects, we study the shapes they are made of in order to re-draw them. This is extremely useful because it allows us to train our hands and eyes and sets us in the the direction we need to develop our character.


Now that we have inspiration, references and studied shapes, we can start playing with the general shapes and details of our character.

This step is extremely important, because the shapes and thumbnails will definde the looks of it, but it also hast to show its presonality and other traits. I tried playing with different shapes to see which one would most accurately describe my character's personality

Shape Variations and Details

Once we are happy with one of the siluettes/thumbails, we proceed to alterate its proportions and general shape. Creating more variations will ive us a wider range of options and will help us definde the character's looks and personality.

Final Thumbnail

Once I finish the last step, I chose the thumbnail I am most proud of and I think will be the most adequate for the character. 

In this case, I decided to go with a mix of the previous ones, becuase I wanted to transmit how messy and funny he is.

Final Design

Once I decide what my final Thumnail is, I start adding details and other props into it. 

I made some modifications to the bulb part because I liked the round one better, it feels more clumsy and funny than the previous one.

I also added the vest and the shit, as well as the line at the hat.

To differentiate the different parts, I coloured it in black and white.

Color Moodboard

Now that we have the design for our character, it is time to add some color to it.

First of all, I looked for inspiration from the internet, and I found three color palettes I was very interested in.

Color Testing

Once I analyzed the color palettes from the moodboard, I proceeded to apply and test which one would look the best and would represent my character's personality and traits.


I decided to go with the third palette, because I believe it is the best looking overall and represents very accuratelly my character.

I finish the design by adding more details and small parts to it. And then I proceed to the shadowing and lighting.

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