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Marocan Breakfast

Marocan Breakfast

Laura Lucinus
by LauraLucinus on 23 May 2021

All aspect made by me with only procedural textures (noise, fractal, etc.)

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This is my very first project in 3D! 3 years ago I hated modeling so all my modeling was basic so I could only focus on lookdev. We was not allowed to use real images for texture so everything is made of procedural textures (noise, fractal, etc.). Maybe I'll do another breakfast with a complete different mood with nice textures next time... I'm not fond of hard surfaces but I like create scenery and tell a story with it.

Fun fact : this is supposed to be a marocan breakfast. Two years after this project, a marcoran student from my school reached out to me to know if I was marocan. She told me that my picture made her feel home. That was the best compliment ever, because I've never been in Maroco.

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