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 The poor penguin locked in a factory

The poor penguin locked in a factory

Carlos F. Izquierdo
by Stamp on 22 May 2021

This time I bring you a drawing where I have made my character called Stamp find himself in a locked factory, I really found the result very interesting so I wanted to publish it.

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This time I bring you a room that I have made for a character that I had already created 3 years ago, the character is called Stamp (like my username) and he is basically a very innocent blue penguin who usually messes it up.

The difficulty was that the character as such does not have a house, so I wanted to make him a factory where he usually sleeps, something similar to as if he were the typical stray cat. I also made the drawing in perspective, so it would be easier to make the props and the house with quite realistic proportions.

Room creation process

As I have clarified previously, this drawing is made in perspective, so the best way to start was to make a drawing of what the floor plan of the room would be like, this is done so that later when it comes to putting it in perspective to know where it is going to go each object making its corners go to vanish points. I drew the plant marking with squares where each object would go so as not to complicate my head too muc, also the width of the objects were taken from different catalogs to make realistic proportions.

I decided to put boxes because it is a warehouse, a dog stretcher because I thought that the penguin would find one on the street and take it to the area, a closet, a table and a chair because he found them outside and He has taken them to the factory, and a guitar so that he has something to do in his spare time.

I also made the plant and then with the deform tool to know more or less where I would find each object, the height of the room is 2.20cm, which is the maximum height allowed here in Spain for a room, so look in different catalogs for the height of objects in order to have a fairly realistic measurements.

The first thing I did was make a ground line and put two spotlights in them that are equidistant from a horizontal line located in the center of the drawing, in this way we would see the drawing from one of the corners of the room, after that I arranged myself To draw the walls and the floor, the width of the floor is symmetrical.

Once I had the base of the room, what I did was by using the deform tool to put the plan that I had done before on the floor of the room, in this way I would have an approximation of where each object would be located.

Once having done this, what I did was vanish the corners to the vanishing points, so I had a few squares to know where to position the objects.

Once having done this, what I did later was to carry out the same process with the elevation, placing this image with the warp tool and marking the heights and I was left with something like this:

From here remove the vanish lines to have it much more accommodated, I did this through the photoshop layers, since I had these lines on one layer and another layer without this. This is how the drawing looks without the vanish lines:

Now that I had everything in perspective, what I did was think about how I wanted the objects, also at the last minute I removed the guitar because I back down that in such a dark place there is a guitar, it would be quite shocking.

To think about the objects, what I did was a moodboard to each of the objects, so I had references to think about how I wanted to make my own props. These were my moodboards:






Once I was quite clear how the objects I wanted to make were, now I needed to make a few thumbnails of each of the objects, in this way I would have expressed in some way what my idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese props was. This is how my thumbnails turned out:






After this I drew the props inside the boxes in my drawing with perspective, in the process I changed one of the boxes and also changed the table, this was because at first glance the drawing seemed to be all made up of boxes and that to the view is not so attractive. I also reduced the size of the stroke because the wide stroke was unattractive.

Once I had done this, I added a couple of details, among them the window that I said at the beginning, a pipe to make it look more like a factory, the penguin sleeping in the bed, a pool of water because it is a factory in ruins and bread inside the box so that it looks like there are more round things.

Once the room was done I started to make the color palette, this time I chose the color palette with colors made up of my penguin's blue, in this way the penguin would match the colors of the drawing. The penguin is initially blue because it is inspired by the blue penguins, which are one of the smallest penguin species that exist. I also wanted cold colors to show solitude, since this way the penguin transmits more tenderness. This is how the color palette looked:

Now that the color palette was clear, I decided to do the color tests to see how I could distribute the colors within my drawing, this was the result:

The one that I liked the most of all was the one on the bottom left because it seemed more attractive, it also respected well how the materials are supposed to be made, so I was predisposed to paint it well to see how it looked. And this was the result:

These colors I liked very much, so it was time to put lights and shadows on them, what I decided was to put the lights very warm and the shadows colder, in this way it gave the feeling even more that the scene is depressing and lonely. The first thing that I noticed was the light with a light that comes out of the window and is reproduced on the floor so that an even stronger feeling of loneliness. Once I had done that through masks, I was playing with warm and cold colors and in the end I was left with a result that I liked.

After finishing with the lights and shadows, I decided to add texture to the different objects, I made the penguin hair. I made a wooden texture for the wardrobe, the chair and the small box. I also made a metal texture to the pipe making a colored reflection on the bottom. In bed I tried to simulate a texture of mini hairs. I tried to make the puddle reflect something fashionable because it looked like water. To finish fill the walls and the rest of the objects with black stains as they mark that they are dirty objects.

Also with the masks I changed the colors of the strokes so that they match with the lights and shadows, the penguin having an already established style prevented me from making such a realistic drawing, so things like keeping the stroke should respect it, so what I decided was to color the line.

And this was the result of all my work, I am really happy with it.

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