Johnny Silverhand - Cyberpunk 2077 Fanart

Johnny Silverhand - Cyberpunk 2077 Fanart

Tristan McGuire
by tristanmcguire on 16 May 2021

University final major project - Realtime fanart of Johnny Silverhand (Keanu Reeves) from Cyberpunk 2077.

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The goal of this project was to recreate Johnny, matching the art style of the original game and capturing the likeness of Keanu. My inspiration behind making this project was being a big fan of Johnny (and also of Keanu) and wanting to make a character that would really push my abilities in the creation of skin, hair, clothing and hard surface. Made as my final major project for my degree in computer games art.

Zbrush: Sculpting skin and clothes.
Maya: Hard surface modelling (cyber arm and accessories), retopology, UVs, hair cards, rigging, posing.
Substance Painter and Photoshop: Texturing.
Unreal Engine 4: Presentation.

Note: The sketchfab viewer lacks the proper eye and hair shaders used in the Unreal project:

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