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Cyberpunk Character - VANTA

Cyberpunk Character - VANTA

Narath Boriboon
by NarathBoriboon on 16 May 2021

This Real-time character project name “VANTA” is my original design inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. I took the aesthetic of the game and turned it into my own style.

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This character's name is VANTA. I want to tell a story of a female assassin, who is fierce, sensual, and attractive. Her style has a sense of Glam Rock to it. I designed her overall look to be coherent with her robotic prosthetic parts. Despite the gracefulness in her look, she is ready to take action when it comes to a fight. I added different elements to the character, such as the porcelain arm piece or the katana sword. These are to give the impression that she has picked many things up throughout her difficult life journey.

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