Circus de Arkana: Patches the Clown

Circus de Arkana: Patches the Clown

Victoria Zammit
by Vikky, liviecat, and sourcream on 8 May 2021

Collaborative 3D modelling project. These are my contributions to the project, mainly my character Patches who I designed and modelled.

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Patches is my one character out of a set of three, made for a group project titled "Cicus de Arkana". We set out to design and 3D model a cast of circus characters as prototype collectable figurines. 

Patches is a clumsy clown with a specialty for juggling.

Dale, (real name) was working for a different circus who would never let him be on stage, forcing him to be the janitor. On his way home, a flyer that read, “ARKANA’S CIRCUS NEEDS YOU!” slapped him in the face. Although terrified of stepping out of his comfort zone, the next day, he quit and joined Arkana’s circus.

Although riddled with imposter syndrome, he becomes a main attraction and finds close bonds with the other members.

I first blocked the character out in maya, then imported that into ZBrush to further model, detail, colour and pose. I then imported the files back into maya to set up lights and render.

Final 2D Design

Some development sketches

I also did the line art for the three characters' turnarounds.

Circus tent box design for the figurines

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