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Circus de Arkana: Arkana the Ringmaster

Circus de Arkana: Arkana the Ringmaster

by Vikky, liviecat, and sourcream on 8 May 2021

Collaborative 3D Modelling group project. These are my parts of the project, as well as my character Arkana the Ringmaster who I designed and Modelled.

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This is my Figurine in a set of 3 for a class project named Circus de Arkana.

This is Arkana the ringmaster.

When pushed to run away and join the circus, Arkana became the adoptive daughter of the previous Ringmaster. Years being second in command led her to realize her true potential as the Ringmaster and take over the circus after the Ringmaster's passing.

Arkana's Original design vs her final turnaround

My task was to colour all three characters turnarounds

Some other aspects I designed were a promotional poster and bases for the three characters

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