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Circus de Arkana: Muscles the Mime

Circus de Arkana: Muscles the Mime

Olivia Pullin
by Vikky, liviecat, and sourcream on 8 May 2021

Collaborative 3D Modelling group project. This is my parts of the project, mainly my character Muscles the Mime who I designed and Modelled.

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This is my contribution to the creative project Circus de Arkana, a collaboration in which we set out to create a cast of collectible figurines.

This is my character Muscles the Mime.

He is a a mute buffoon and lover of felines.

After witnessing a fellow competitor’s gruesome accident, Muscles the Mime decided to run from the dumbbells, and quit the familial tradition of being a strongman.

Joining Arkana’s circus allowed him to devote himself to his true passion: the art of Mimery. 

Below are some development sketches to show some of the process on how I got to the final design.

Originally Muscles' was going to have a cat hanging from his bicep. Although all that remains of him is the tattoo on Muscles' back, here is what the cat would have looked like.

Here is a box prototype sketch. Based off a circus tent, we wanted it to be hexagonal so it stood out on shelves.

Part of my job for this project was doing the sketches for the turnarounds for each character.

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