Winter Cabin by the Lake

Winter Cabin by the Lake

Katarina Persson
by KatarinaPersson on 28 Apr 2021

A snowy environment created in Unreal Engine 4. Special thanks to Pure Polygons and the snow ground tutorial which this scene is based on. All meshes and materials in the scene except one of the wood materials are created by me with a mix of my own photogrammetry, Zbrush sculpting, Maya and Substance Designer.

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This is a scene that started out as an experiment in how to make snow materials in Substance Designer and Unreal. As I worked with the snow I wanted to make a scene with it and felt like making a cosy cabin in a remote place.

The rocks are my own photoscanned rock with a detail normal and a Z-up snowshader with tesselation that I made based on my old moss shader. I made the grass in Zbrush with fibermesh and baked the cards in Designer.

To create the cabin I sculpted 4 unique logs in Zbrush that I then turned into a trimsheet texture to make the log texture tile lengthwise so I could resize the logs as needed.

For the night version of the scene I created a Aurora Borealis shader that are 3 panning noises with different speed and emissive colors applied to big wavy planes in the sky.

Thanks for checking out my project, you can read more about how it was made in my 80 Level article here:

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