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(WIP) Abandoned haunted mansion

(WIP) Abandoned haunted mansion

by Djeentleman on 22 Apr 2021

“Abandoned haunted mansion” my final project for the videogame graphics master I’m currently taking at UA School in which I’ll be working for the next 2 months.

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Hi! My name is Victor, I’m 26 years old and I’m very excited to start being part of the Unreal Engine community by introducing “Abandoned haunted mansion” my final project for the videogame graphics master I’m currently taking at UA School in which I’ll be working for the next 2 months.


When I was a child I remember being tormented by frightening nightmares related to haunted houses, which were clearly influenced from my visits to the house in the village where my grandparents lived during summer.

For some reason, despite the fear I felt at that time, from very early on I began to be attracted to everything related to mystery, paranormal events, life after death and a multitude of esoteric subjects that usually escape human reasoning and understanding. I used to listen to the radio programs with my father and sister and talked with my friends at school about urban rumors that circulated about the Ouija.

It may seem strange to those who don’t really enjoy horror, but many of us love that adrenaline rush that triggers a feeling of excitement, euphoria and reward induced from our neurotransmitters that keeps you on your toes all the time making you want to stay focused and alert.

Having said that, my idea is inspired precisely by that overwhelming sensations that both my nightmares and games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Outlast, The Evil Within or Layers of Fear among many other titles have made me experience over 20 years playing video games. My goal is to make anyone feel something similar visualizing this environment and interacting with it.


The architecture and furniture of the scene will have a Victorian style (19th century), for which it will be very important to define well the sculpting in Zbrush and the texturing in Substance Painter in order to replicate the ornamental details so characteristic of the period. Once the first results are reached, the next step will be aging and dirtying everything to make it fit in a dark, cold and gloomy environment.



⦁ HERO ASSETS (Blue): Victorian fireplace, Victorian sofa,...

⦁ PRIMARY ASSETS: (Red): Victorian card table, Victorian armchair, Victorian door, Victorian wall lamps, Victorian ceiling lamps, Victorian floor lamps, Victorian Mirror, Victorian cabinet, Victorian bookcase...

⦁ SECONDARY ASSETS: (Green)) Cups, vases, candles, rugs , books, toys, picture frames, paintings, curtains, clothes, radiators, Ouija table...


⦁ Floors

⦁ Ceilingss

⦁ Walls

⦁ Stairs

⦁ Handrails



As I have gone through the process, I have realized that there may be ceilings that need to be lowered and too wide areas that I will have to reduce before importing the final assets.

I would be happy to get feedback during the process of creating my environment. :)


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