Gates to Asgard
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Gates to Asgard

Natasha Thompson
by NatashaThompson on 20 Apr 2021

Class assignment involving the gates to Asgard.

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Update - 20 Apr 2021

Environmental Design Class Assignment

After a bit of research into to Norse lore, I based my ideas off of various stories. The first is based off of the lore of Ragnorak when the ice giants return. The second emphasizes the rainbow road and how the realms are represented by trees. The third was based off of Ran the sea giantess who takes souls lost at sea. The fourth was a look into the realm of Valhalla (described to be a series of longhouses with hundreds of doors). The fifth represents one of Odin's wolves. The fifth is a more of a basic gate.

Establishing some basic colors. Time for the finishing touches!

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