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Sylvari Hammer
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Sylvari Hammer

Natasha Marie Thompson
by NatashaMarieArt on 19 Apr 2021

Assignment: A hammer skin designed for Guild Wars 2 based off of the Sylvari race.

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Update - 13 Nov 2022

The finished result. Note: I borrowed the model. 

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Update - 2 May 2021

Threw some color on and established the light source. Time for the finishing touches!

Update - 19 Apr 2021

Assignment: Choose an interesting real world weapon to ‘reskin' for a video game. A common role for game concept artists is to design cosmetics for props and weapons. For this assignment try retaining the basic silhouette and geometry of the source asset - however feel free to experiment with addons/mods fx materials etc. The goal of this design is to retain the identity of the basic source material but to put enough of a unique spin to make the reskin desirable.

So after a bit of mulling it over, I decided to give the Sylvari hammer another try.  I wasn't very satisfied with the Sylvari thumbnail.