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[WIP] Game-Ready asset - Handgun
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[WIP] Game-Ready asset - Handgun

Mohamed Elyes Ben Salah
by ElyesBens on 15 Apr 2021

Modeling and texturing a handgun to make a game-ready asset

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Update - 28 Jun 2021

Update of the day 

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Update - 24 Jun 2021

Update - 21 Jun 2021

Texturing started ! 

Update - 17 Jun 2021

The Baking phase is done , now time to texture this baby

Update - 9 May 2021

The low poly phase is done - time to tackle the uv mapping and texturing 

Update - 25 Apr 2021

High poly modeling done ! 
I have yet to polish the sharp edges and then i'll tackle the low poly phase :D 

Update - 15 Apr 2021

Trying to make a game-ready asset for the first time 

Hello everyone ! I wanted to share with you my on-going project this week. 
The aim here is to create a game-ready handgun asset, i will keep sharing my progress on this play-by-play thread. 

This is is my first time using Zbrush and it was pretty confusing at first, but the potential is impressive ! i've never modeled anything this complicated with such ease ! (Thanks to Eugene's tutorial explaining many features in the software) 

So the high-poly is almost finished, i have yet to model the trigger, the sights and the small parts.

Any and every feedback is welcome ! 
Thank you.