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[WIP] Environment of a Lost Civilization
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[WIP] Environment of a Lost Civilization

Rodmarie Ruiz Rodríguez
by Rodmarie on 12 Apr 2021

Hello! My Name is Rodmarie. This is my final proyect from my Master of Videogame Art. I wanna do a particular Civilization in a jungle.

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Update - 3 May 2021

Day 8

UVs, test with Bake and finish last tree leaves.

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Update - 3 May 2021

Day 7

Redo the leaves for the 3rd time. I still need to finish placing the leaves and finishing the bake. Im testing the textures and lights.

Update - 25 Apr 2021

Day 6

I remake the leaves. I didn't like that there was no variety. Tree process… I feel it simple, but very tedious. There are many leaves that must be put.

Update - 25 Apr 2021

Day 5

I’m in the process of making the central tree. I have made the leaves in Photoshop and I have shaped them to start putting them on the tree.

Update - 12 Apr 2021

Day 1

This Enviroment has 3 parts: Lobby, Civilization and Rituals. I start with a simple blocking in Unreal and I was looking for information about the Olmec culture.

Day 2 

I’ll leave the blocking with a little more advanced. I have placed some base lights so that the environment could be seen, since when giving it “Build Lighthing” it looked completely dark. I didn’t want the “Preview” to show on top of things.

Day 3

I started modeling the Big Tree on the center of my Civilization. I'm export the size in Unreal and do another Blocking in Maya for start to sculpt the tree.

Day 4

In the process of two of the "Hero Assets". One I'm sculpting in zBrush (The Big Tree) and the other I'm modeling in Maya (House).