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Backyard of a Child

Backyard of a Child

Allan Gelman
by allangelman on 12 Apr 2021

This piece is a tribute to my childhood. I loved creating this magical scenery to encompass what I imagined my ideal backyard to be when I was growing up.

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I modeled the central house of this scene for my Production Modeling course from CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy), taught by Vidya Vinnakota. I was immediately drawn to the "House of a Child" concept art (made by Lena Kroshilina) when I stumbled upon it, because I envisioned my childhood-self trying to build it. 

Modeled in Maya. Foliage in Paint Effects and MASH. Fog using Maya Fluid's FX. Textured in Substance Painter. Procedural shading, lighting, and rendering with Arnold.

Here are the AO and textured turnarounds for the central house.

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