The Antique Shop

The Antique Shop

Allan Gelman
by allangelman on 12 Apr 2021

I love entering a store with tons of knick-knacks and clusters of objects. The surrounding treasures make me feel like I'm teleported to a fantasy land, and that is the feeling I wanted to capture in this project.

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After taking the CGMA course Procedural Modeling for Production in Houdini, taught by Sean McEwan, I created my own procedural Houdini tool to create straw lampshades. I then created this fun personal project of an Antique Shop to give my lamps a home!

Modeled in Maya and Houdini. Cloth in nCloth. Textured with Substance Painter and Photoshop. Procedural shading, lighting, and rendering done with Arnold.

The procedural tool I created in Houdini with VEX procedurally generates straw lampshades! I have always loved fiber arts, so I wanted to take that passion into my 3D art. Coding the patterns, while challenging, was actually really fun because I love this type of geometrical thinking.

The user can adjust the shape and hang length of both the lamp and lightbulb, the density of the weaving pattern, whether the straw is round or flat, and select the type of twilling pattern!

Here are some close ups of my final project!

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