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Kolliniatis Ioannis
by GKappa on 13 Apr 2021

Kali Ma Inspired cyborg from a futuristic era,When human consciousness can be transferred to artificial bodies.KiraMa's name inspired by Kali Ma(Hindu Goddess) and Kira(Japanese Anime slang for the english word Killer)

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 KiraMa is my first complete game ready character,made as my third semester project on SAE Athens.It was also my first complete sculpt and overall aimed to acquire the knowledge and experience  on the pipeline of game ready character creation from start to finish.My aesthetic references were 'Ghost in the Shell' Movies and 'Alita:Battle Angel (2019)'.

Also I took inspiration from the Netflix series 'Altered Carbon' on world placement on a future era with human consciousness been able to transferred between artificial bodies and I wanted the viewer to be unsure about the character been a robot or human consciousness inside the cyborg,

 The sculpt made in Zbrush,when I finished it I moved to 3ds Max for retopology and unwrapping.Textures and Bakes made in Substance painter and photoshop was used for maps and bakes editing.Pose was done inside Zbrush with transpose master and for the final renders and turntables I used Marmoset toolbox.

 The clothes were made in Marvelous Designer and exported in triangles for better results in cloth simulation if I animate the character in the future and to keep better the body form they gained from the simulation inside marvelous.

  The weapons props accompany the Character were made by me and are Fan Art based on the movie 'Elysium (2013)' Kruger's Elysium Katana,and the submachine gun is from the online Fps game 'APEX LEGENDS' model Alternator.

 The pipeline I used was low poly mesh modeling on 3ds max and unwrapping,send them on Zbrush for high poly detailing and the H/L meshes on Substance Painter where I textured them as well.

 Making the sculpt was kind of challenging not only because it was my first project made in Zbrush and I had to learn the software on the way and aside the real human anatomy I had to familiarize myself with,I had to make a believable second pair of limps  to match my concept aspired by the Hindus goddess which is always depicted from the front hiding the unnatural anatomy,I found a lot of references depicting a second pair of hands coming from a second pair of shoulder blades positioned on top or on the bottom of the natural ones,but it took away the feminine aesthetic and silhouette of the character.

The concept was my project starting point made on photoshop and wasn't planned as an one to one design for the final character but just an overall polished character sheet to place some ideas as the mechanical neck muscles.

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