Vulture droid
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Vulture droid

Lorenzo Ivens
by loloivens on 11 Apr 2021

A vulture droid from the Star Wars franchise made for a competition in a Discord group I'm in.

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Update - 27 Apr 2021

Day 5

Today I added the background sky. I also changed the lightning and clouds somewhat.

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Update - 19 Apr 2021

Day 4

Today I finished texturing the rest of the vulture droids model. After that I added some clouds for the environment and learned how to use command line rendering with blender. The image above was renderd this way. Now al that needs to happen is to add in a background and some fixing in post.

Update - 18 Apr 2021

Day 3

For this project I wanted to learn the basics of Substance Painter, so today that's what I did. Due to the way I made my model, the head and body had to be seperated, otherwise their UVs would overlap. After a day of getting the hang of the programm, this is what I managed to make. This image was also rendered in Substance Painter. Feedback is always appreciated.

Update - 17 Apr 2021

Day 2

Today I did some more modeling of the 'arms' or wings of the droid. I did a little bit of sculting as well. After that, I UV unwrapped the entire model.

Update - 11 Apr 2021

Start to model droid

Today I started with modeling the main shapes of the Vulture droid. After that, I started adding more details to the head part.