Mysterious Substance

Mysterious Substance

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 4 Apr 2021

An assignment done for ART 218 at Miami University in Oxford.

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I did this assignment for ART 218 at Miami University in Oxford. This week, we had to learn about the panner that can be used to animate texture movement, and we learned how to make noise textures in Unreal and how to animate that noise to create 3D effects. For this, I took a noise texture from and made it noisier by putting it through a render target, and then put together a blueprint that makes two different sets of the texture pan in different directions, while also having a 3D effect to the movement of the textures. Besides that, I modeled a pile of goop (or a mysterious substance) to apply the texture onto. Overall, it took a bit of time to figure out all the noise stuff, but I eventually got to it. However, I ran into a lot of other problems when it came to lighting. Currently, Unreal will fail building the lighting because of an error i can't figure out. For awhile I thought it was the new asset or the noise texture, but after setting the goop meshes to moveable, the lighting actually worked for them. As well, I had bad foliage objects that were glitching, so I had to remove them. So while this assignment wasn't too complex, I ran into many issues that made it feel that way.

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